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The SyncVR Medical platform enables you to implement XR throughout your healthcare institution: from hardware, software and workshops to agreements with supporting services and a hygiene protocol.


XR App Store

The apps in the XR App Store are partly developed by SyncVR Medical. However, most apps are integrated from partner companies from all around the globe. We curate the best healthcare XR Apps, providing access to the most effective ones in the world.

SyncVR Dashboard

The SyncVR Dashboard is the only Mobile Device Management system specifically developed for healthcare. 


Healthcare Organizations

Within the healthcare organization, we provide a complete XR App Store with applications for a variety of medical disciplines. The most occurring disciplines are described on our Research Page. Within these disciplines, our XR App Store includes apps within the themes of 1) Pain, anxiety and stress reduction; 2) rehabilitation & mobilization; 3) staff/patient training and education.

Hospitals and hospital departments are able to manage, configure and analyze XR Apps and XR devices themselves using our SyncVR Dashboard.

Remote care / Outpatients

For patients in the home setting, the XR App Store offers a variety of effective XR Apps. Patients receive an XR headset in their home setting, with the relevant XR App pre-installed.​

The most occurring disciplines of XR Apps for outpatients are orthopedic rehabilitation; COVID rehabilitation; prehabilitation; trauma treatment; and patient education.



All XR Apps on the XR App Store are required to meet criteria on the topics of CE-certification / Medical Device Status; Data Security; User-friendliness; Technical Quality; and Pricing Model. If an XR App meets requirements, it may enter the XR App Store and become available to hospitals connected to the SyncVR Platform.

The Curation Process and Technical Integration take 4-8 weeks in total. Developers of XR Apps for healthcare can request integration into the XR App Store using the form on the right.

Thanks for submitting. We will get in contact.

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