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Dominating a Critical Market


What's in it for you?

  • Starting salary range: €2.000 - €4.000

  • Complete freedom in working place & hours

  • Fully flexible hours and no count on holidays

  • Making an impact in the lives of patients and healthcare professionals

  • Unlimited growth opportunities


SyncVR Medical is a social enterprise with the mission to improve healthcare with Extended Reality (XR). We do this through our XR platform with 30+ XR apps in our XR App Store. We are proud that 150+ healthcare organizations all over Europe are now using our SyncVR Medical Platform to make a positive impact in healthcare with XR. 


With around 100 hospitals, 500.000 patients at every given time and 10% of its GDP per year spent on healthcare, The Netherlands is not only a big market, but it is also a showcase for what healthcare markets in the rest of Europe will look like in the years to come. It's a place for pioneers.

The role as a Business Developer Healthcare entails everything that is necessary on the path toward SyncVR Medical becoming the largest medical XR platform in Europe. From cold calling sales sessions on the phone, reaching out to partner companies, giving XR demos in hospitals (with long hours in train/bus), recruiting and training new team members, entering new markets, traveling throughout Europe or discussing the next developments with our tech team... And as the company scales, you need to scale as well: your role, skills and responsibilities will grow substantially.

Are you ready to take an epic business development challenge at SyncVR?


We are looking for business developers in the NETHERLANDS! Interested in this role and live in Germany, The UK or the Nordics?


 entrepreneurial and commercial

hyped about XR and healthcare

Strategic thinker & do-er

Team builder and inspirator

Flexible Working Hours

Working on fixed hours is something of the past, you determine when you want to work.

Fully Remote Working

Our team is based all over Europe, so you determine how and where you want to work.

Making a Societal Impact

You work on challenges to improve the quality of healthcare throughout Europe.

Full Freedom &


You have the full responsibility over big projects which are vital to the future of SyncXR

Stock Options Program

We share! After 1 year you can join our stock options program and become a co-owner of SyncVR

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