virtual reality in hospital
Want to see how patients respond to VR? Watch 2 dialysis patients in this video that we created in the innovative Maasstad Hospital!
  • “Normally I'm shaking well before the needle comes. Now I barely felt it...”
    Dialysis patient
  • “We've been using SyncVR on numerous patients in our department now. It makes punctures much easier: patients are relaxed, still and quiet.”
    Nurse at dialysis department
Maasstad Ziekenhuis
Maasstad Ziekenhuis

Improving quality of life for patients in your healthcare organization

Better interventions reduce costs

Each day, pain and anxiety causes interventions at (medical) healthcare organizations to fail - a problem for nurses, doctors and patients. Let's make sure that doesn't happen anymore.

Evidence-based VR

SyncVR has tested its pain relief applications in a variety of hospital departments, from oncology to nefrology. Our applications cause direct significant results, and, importantly, patients love it.


Hospitals: Pain relief

For numerous medical interventions, medical painkillers are not applicable. However, our evidence-based VR application distracts patients to such an extent that pain scores significantly drop and intervention success increases.

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Hospitals: Relaxation

Medical departments such as revalidation, oncology and nefrology typically show a high prevalence of anxiety amongst patients. Let's change that.

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Residential care homes

A socially meaningful life -  something that clients in care homes all deserve but seldomly experience. Time to turn that around.

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